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2024 Conference & Education


How Sustainability is a Platform for Growth 

Dave Call, Senior Vice President of Operations Support - Republic Services 

Leveraging sustainability as a platform for growth requires driving innovation and making investments in projects that deliver significant environmental and economic benefits. How? By making commitments to advance circularity, reduce fleet emissions and decarbonize operations. 

Advancing Circularity
Plastics circularity has traditionally been limited, with most plastic being downcycled into products with few options for further recycling.  As part of our commitment to enabling greater circularity of plastics, we’re developing the Republic Services Polymer Center, the nation’s first vertically integrated plastics recycling facility. 

Reducing Fleet Emissions
Republic Services’ fleet of 17,000 vehicles is a meaningful part of our carbon footprint, which is why we’ve made the industry’s largest commitment to fleet electrification. In early 2023, we rolled out the first fully integrated, zero-emissions collection truck, designed and built by our longtime supplier Oshkosh Corp. 

Supporting Decarbonization
Improving landfill biogas collection efficiency and beneficially reusing biogas are two important ways that Republic Services is decarbonizing our operations. With 65 landfill gas-to-energy projects at our facilities across the country, we’re utilizing a naturally occurring byproduct of landfills to generate renewable energy for local communities. With more than 200 active landfills, we saw opportunity to scale up renewable energy production to support our customers’ decarbonization goals.

 Hear Dave’s perspective on these timely topics and more.

The jam-packed GWMS 2024 Agenda is shaping up to include topics such as:

  •  Anaerobic Digestion
  • Coal Ash
  • Compost
  • Developing Countries
  • Elevated Temperature Landfills
  • Emerging Challenges in Leachate
  • Emerging Contaminants
  • Emissions Measurement
  • Emissions Monitoring Technology
  • Environmental Justice
  • ETLF/Subsurface Reactions
  • Landfill Emissions
  • Landfill Gas Management & Regulation
  • Landfill Operations & Design
  • Leachate Treatment I & II
  • Liners
  • Modeling Subsurface Reactions
  • Odor Management
  • Organics Management
  • PFAS Characterization, Management & Treatment
  • Recycling
  • Slope Stability Evaluation
  • Solid Waste Planning
  • Sustainability/Circular Economy
  • Waste Characterization
  • Waste Collection & Diversion
  • Waste Containment
  • Waste Management Planning
  • Waste Stability

Technical Conference

We’re working with the Environmental Research & Education Foundation (EREF) to deliver a conference program that is more technical, more innovative and more essential to you than ever before—and that warrants the two-year wait! The core education of GWMS is the submission of comprehensive abstracts in all areas related to solid waste engineering and managment that have been vetted by GWMS’s committe of industry experts. The presentations will be given by researchers from top academic institutions and industry experts.

Special thanks to our prestigious Conference Technical Committee:

  • Chris Bareither, PhD, Colorado State University
  • Morton Barlaz, PhD, North Carolina State University
  • Joe Benco, Republic Services
  • Craig Benson, PhD, University of Virginia
  • Nicole Berge, PhD, University of South Carolina


  • Greg Cekander, Waste Management
  • Steve Menoff, CEC
  • Kurt Shaner, Waste Connections
  • Bryan Staley, PhD, Environmental Research and Education Foundation


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