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AGRU America, Inc - Gold Sponsor

Since 1988, AGRU America, Inc. has been on a mission to build a better future through the development of innovative plastics solutions and fostering strong relationships built upon the highest standards of quality, service, and dependability. AGRU America is a subsidiary of AGRU GmbH, an Austrian family-owned business since 1948 with production facilities in Austria, the U.S., Germany, and China. AGRU solutions, which include state-of-the-art products such as AGRU geosynthetics, concrete protective liners, and pipes and fittings, are distributed in over 80 countries worldwide. Learn more about AGRU America at

ALTRA - Gold Sponsor

ALTRA’s unique clean water-as-a-service model combines the power of its proprietary foam fractionation technology with high performing modular units operating in continuous mode to treat large volumes of water contaminants at the most effective cost. In 2023, ALTRA signed the first of its kind, continuous full-scale PFAS remediation contract, with a guaranteed level of PFAS removal. Learn more at:

Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc - Gold Sponsor

CEC offers engineering and construction support with traditional and advanced waste management services. We strategically added former solid waste company professionals to our team, building on decades of engineering and consulting expertise.  Learn more at

GFL Environmental Inc. - Gold Sponsor

GFL Environmental is the only major diversified environmental services company in North America offering services in solid waste management, liquid waste management, and soil remediation. With strategically located operations across Canada and more than half of the U.S. states, GFL is uniquely equipped to undertake practically any environmental challenge with unparalleled commitment to customer service. We believe that by providing safe, accessible, and cost-effective solutions, we encourage greater environmental responsibility and allow our customers and the communities we serve to be Green For Life. Learn more about us at

Republic Services - Gold Sponsor

Republic Services is a leader in the environmental services industry. Through our subsidiaries, we provide customers with the most complete set of products and services, including recycling, solid waste, special waste, hazardous waste, container rental and field services. Our commitments to advance circularity, reduce fleet emissions and decarbonize operations are helping deliver on our vision to partner with customers to create more sustainable world. For more information, please visit

Waste Connections - Gold Sponsor

Waste Connections is an integrated solid waste services company that provides non-hazardous waste collection, transfer and disposal services, along with resource recovery primarily through recycling and renewable fuels generation. The Company serves more than eight million residential, commercial and industrial customers in mostly exclusive and secondary markets across 44 states in the U.S. and six provinces in Canada. Waste Connections also provides non-hazardous oilfield waste treatment, recovery and disposal services in several basins across the U.S., as well as intermodal services for the movement of cargo and solid waste containers in the Pacific Northwest. For more information, visit Waste Connections at

WM - Gold Sponsor

WM is  the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America, providing services that range from collection and disposal to recycling and renewable energy generation. 

Geosyntec Consultants Inc. - Silver Sponsor

Geosyntec is a consulting and engineering firm that works with private and public sector clients to address new ventures and complex problems involving our environment, natural resources, and civil infrastructure.  For the solid waste industry, we provide both technical engineering professionals who design facilities, and financial advisory specialists who offer a wealth of experience evaluating solid waste systems and infrastructure assets under a variety of project delivery and contracting mechanisms. Learn More:

SCS Engineers - Silver Sponsor

SCS Engineers' work has a great mission; we're helping communities stay safe and helping our clients meet their regulatory goals to run cleaner – it's all for a good purpose. Our core capabilities are sustainable solid and hazardous waste management, renewable energy, GHG reduction, and environmental compliance. We provide comprehensive services, custom technologies such as SCS RMC®, and our deep technical bench that brings your goals to fruition faster.

Weaver Companies- Silver Sponsor

Weaver Companies began as a consulting group in 1991, with the goal of delivering quality work and an extraordinary client experience. To continue serving our clients, we grew into four interconnected companies, each focusing on specialized, in-demand components of environmental development, construction, and civil engineering. We strive to complete projects to our clients’ high standards, bringing a collaborative approach that maintains quality and delivers results for your multi-faceted project challenges. Learn more at 

Geo-Logic Associates - Bronze Sponsor

Geo-Logic Associates (GLA) provides civil, environmental, and water resources services to clients in the U.S. and internationally. With 300 professionals in 27 office locations, GLA has been providing consulting engineering, field, and materials testing services to the solid waste industry for more than 30 years. For more information, visit our website at

Lorentz - Bronze Sponsor

LORENTZ high efficiency, intelligent leachate pumping solutions bring an innovative but well proven approach to the market. LORENTZ pumps handle a wide range of fluids and remove many of the service challenges of both air pumps and non-specialized electric submersibles and so reduce your operating costs. The controls and sensor inputs allow for automatic measurement and management of liquid levels and pressures, further reducing costs.  The systems are so efficient that you have power choices, allowing you to run from small grid, generators, or solar power. Visit or call 806-728-0110

Promus Engineering - Bronze Sponsor

Promus – a name with meaning, a name that defines our being, our culture, and our commitment. Promus is the Latin root of steward. We challenge ourselves to be good stewards of our talents, good stewards of our clients' resources, and good stewards of the companies for which we work. We strive to apply the principle of good stewardship for our clients, our team, and our business. But our name goes beyond the principle of stewardship, it also reminds us of the promises we make and to which we are committed. Whether it be a project deadline, a safety or quality commitment, or value-added commitment, we are reminded and committed to our promise to you. We're so committed to good stewardship and our promises, we made it our name.

Rochem Americas, Inc - Bronze Sponsor

Since 1997, Rochem has treated nearly two billion gallons of leachate at multiple sites in North America. With over 500 systems installed worldwide, our experience is unmatched. Our technology is proven, reliable and economical. Rochem Americas, Inc. is the US distributor for the Rochem Group and has been providing leachate treatment systems worldwide since 1988.Rochem’s modules and elements are the only reverse osmosis modules designed for treating landfill leachate. Rochem’s advanced technology is proven to remove organic and inorganic compounds efficiently, and economically, with a long membrane and system life. The oldest operating Rochem system in the United States is located near Bradford, PA and has been in continuous operation since 1998

Tetra Tech - Bronze Sponsor

Tetra Tech’s Solid Waste practice supports solid waste facility operators and local communities through the full lifecycle of program and facility planning, permitting, construction, and operation. Our solid waste practice features more than 600 solid waste specialists who are currently performing more than 2,200 solid waste projects worldwide.  Engineering News-Record has ranked Tetra Tech as the #1 solid waste consultant in the US for 7 of the last 10 years.

APTIM - Tabletop Plus

APTIM is a leading professional solutions firm. We specialize in environmental services, resilience, sustainability, and energy solutions, as well as technical and data solutions, program management, and critical infrastructure. Our dedicated teammates apply their experience and expertise to provide integrated services and solutions for government agencies, commercial and industrial clients, and energy customers. APTIM commits to accelerating the transition toward a clean and efficient energy economy, building a sustainable future for our communities and natural world, and creating a more inclusive and equitable environment that celebrates the diversity of our people. Learn more at, and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X.

ATARFIL USA Inc - Tabletop Plus

ATARFIL USA INC is specialized in the Manufacturing of GEOMEMBRANES by FLAT-DIE. Our in-house production developed technology allow us the expertise to produce the highest performance liners required on highly demanding SAFE CONTAINMENT applications, while providing requested engineering services and world class technical support.

ARM Group LLC - Tabletop Plus

ARM Group LLC (ARM) is your solid waste engineering solution driven toward your vision of success. Our experts provide innovative ideas and solutions for the solid waste industry, bringing the results you need, while exceeding your expectations. ARM’s mission is to succeed by serving our clients with PRECISE. RESPONSIVE. SOLUTIONS., showing care in every interaction; proactively addressing client needs, opportunities, and risks with urgency; and consistently delivering high-quality results—safely, on schedule and on budget, with an ownership mentality. Our in-house experts cover a wide spectrum, including waste management, geotechnical, environmental, hydrogeology and water resources, electrical and mechanical automation and control systems, renewable energy, and geophysics.

Benzaco Scientific Inc - Tabletop Plus

Benzaco Scientific Inc is a full-service odor management company, and a leading manufacturer of proprietary plant-based, odor-eliminating compounds.  For over 30 years, Benzaco has specialized in the production and development of advanced odor control formulations and innovative delivery systems for industrial and commercial odor control applications around the world.  Our products are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use in virtually every industrial application.

Blackhawk Technology Company - Tabletop Plus

Blackhawk Technology Company is a manufacturer of top head drive positive displacement piston pumps. Powered by top head pneumatic, electric or solar motors. For more information visit  

Carlson Environmental Consultants, PC - Tabletop Plus

Carlson Environmental Consultants, PC (CEC) is a solid waste engineering and construction firm specializing in LFG and leading the industry since 2004. CEC’s team of scientists and engineers offer expertise in LFG system design, construction, permitting and compliance, and industrial cleaning. CEC prides itself on our ability to construct the LFG systems our engineers design utilizing any of our six field crews and our fleet of readily available owned equipment.  Learn more about us!

Carlson Software - Tabletop Plus

 Carlson Software’s Machine Control Division began in 1996, and serves the waste management, solar, mining, quarry aggregate, and other industries. Carlson Software Inc., founded in 1983, specializes in CAD design software, field data collection, laser measurement and machine control products for the civil engineering, surveying, GIS, construction, and mining industries worldwide, providing one-source technology solutions for the entire project cycle. Carlson Software is headquartered in Maysville, KY., U.S.A., with branch offices in Boston, MA; Almere, The Netherlands; Melbourne, Australia; Ottawa, Canada; and York, England. Learn more at 

Core and Main - Tabletop Plus

Core & Main is a leader in advancing reliable infrastructure with local service, nationwide. We are a leading distributor of water, wastewater, storm drainage, fire protection and geosynthetics products and related services providing local expertise backed by a national supply chain. Core & Main’s associates are committed to helping their communities thrive with safe and reliable infrastructure. Learn more at

EARTHRES - Tabletop Plus

EARTHRES is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm providing solid waste engineering, permitting, construction and operations support to landfill, municipal recycling (MRFs), biosolids processing, waste conversion/diversion, composting, transfer stations, renewable gas, and medical waste management facilities. Let us know what your site challenges are. We want to help.

ET Design-Build - Tabletop Plus

ET Design-Build is a nationwide engineering and construction management firm specializing in the environmental, energy, and industrial sectors.  Since its inception in 1993, ET’s core markets have been solid waste/recycling, environmental remediation, and brownfields development industries. Over the past 30 years, ET has grown to 12 offices and progressed into several diverse market sectors. Learn more by visiting us at

GeoCAAB - Tabletop Plus

GeoCAAB is a cloud-based, quality control software being used to improve geosynthetic liner installations across the globe. Its Computer Aided As-Built (CAAB) technology allows for real-time GPS mapping, making hand drawn As-Built’s a thing of the past. GeoCAAB users also have access to instant, customizable reporting capabilities with advanced data analytics features, which empowers informed decision-making. Engineers and Installers can now streamline workflows, boost accuracy, and improve quality on all their geosynthetics projects, allowing for greater transparency and trust between clients, owners, investors, and other industry partners. To learn more, visit

Geo-Synthetics Systems LLC - Tabletop Plus

As a leading distributor, fabricator, and installer of geosynthetic materials, Geo-Synthetics Systems LLC (GSI) works closely with owners, contractors, and engineers to deliver quality and cost effective solutions in municipal solid waste, mining, energy, construction, and environmental remediation.

Global Containment Solutions - Tabletop Plus

Since 2012, Global Containment Solutions (GCS) has been providing quality installation of geosynthetic liner products, such as HDPE, LLDPE, and EPDM in a variety of applications. In partnership with industry leaders, our team works nation-wide to provide innovative solutions for waste containment, landfills, CCR and hazardous waste sites. Since its inception, GCS has leveraged a combined 100+ years of experience to maintain a safety EMR of 0.80 or less.  To learn more about our geosynthetics installation solutions, visit:

Heartland Water Technology - Tabletop Plus

Heartland Water Technology is a waste and wastewater treatment solutions provider, utilizing patented technologies to effectively treat and manage challenging waste streams including landfill leachate, produced water, residuals, and other industrial applications. Heartland specializes in delivering turnkey tailored solutions throughout the entire treatment cycle, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, helping our clients meet today’s environmental requirements, identify new opportunities, and anticipate tomorrow’s biggest challenges.

Hitachi Zosen Inova USA - Tabletop Plus

With offices in Knoxville, Norcross, San Luis Obispo, and Montreal, Hitachi Zosen Inova North America (HZI NAM) is part of the Swiss-Japanese Hitachi Zosen Inova Group. HZI NAM is one of North America’s leading suppliers of biogas processing plants and Waste-to-Energy technologies. 

HZI’s Kompogas® anaerobic digestion technology, as installed in San Luis Obispo (CA), is uniquely designed to meet our customer’s need and deliver a complete turn-key solution which efficiently processes residential, commercial and industrial waste, by source separating organics into valuable renewable biogas. With over 1,600 worldwide reference projects, including over 100 Kompogas® plants, the HZI Group is a global leader in the production of renewable energy from waste. 

IETSiteLink - Tabletop Plus

IETSiteLink is focused on providing real-time, actionable data on the landfill.   Data-Driven Decision-Making: Accurate and timely daily data allows for more informed decision-making, which can improve long-term planning and sustainability efforts. Environmental Stewardship: Effective monitoring and management contribute to minimizing the environmental impact, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing groundwater contamination. Peace of Mind: For operators and stakeholders, knowing that the best available technology provides reassurance regarding compliance with environmental regulations and community safety.

ISCO Industries - Tabletop Plus

ISCO Industries is the world-leading solutions provider for all types of piping systems and fusion equipment needed within the solid waste industry.  With over 350 years of combined landfill experience on our team and 38 locations across North America, our mission is to continuously differentiate ourselves by providing expertise and the complete package to our customers while maintaining the highest standards of precision, flexibility, consistency and value.  Learn more at

KROFF Landfill Technologies, Inc - Tabletop Plus

Kroff Landfill Technolgies, Inc (KLT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kroff Inc.  KLT focuses on solutions for the landfill market.  Products lines include; non-hazardous descale treatments for leachate and gas lines which remove and prevent scale from forming, Custom formulated defoam products for the landfill market, treatment for "flubber" or "black goo", pump cleaners, clog busters, and gas well programs.  Kroff is headquartered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, along with our R and D facility.  Our service team covers the United States from east coast to the west coast, north and south.  We stand behind every application we take on , and we deliver on our promises.  Kroff can save your operation money and increase your site value. Stop by and ask us how.  

LaBella Associates - Tabletop Plus

 Since 1978, LaBella has been a trusted provider of engineering and consulting services. Our solid waste engineering team includes specialists in all facets of solid waste facility operations. Because we have experience working with many diverse types of clients, on many types of projects, we have unique insights regarding the challenges each may face.

Learn more about how we can work together to meet your waste and recycling needs by visiting

Lee Supply Co., Inc - Tabletop Plus

Lee Supply Company has been one of the largest stocking distributors of products for HDPE Pipe & Pumping Systems in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1954.  Our products are engineered to withstand burial in aggressive soil or exposure to the elements; we offer an extensive inventory of pipes, fittings, pumps & accessories/repair.  Lee Supply is a McElroy Fusion Equipment Partner with authorized Sales/Rental & Service Center and is a Certified Inspection/Repair Provider as well as having a Specialty Fabrication department. 

LoCI Controls - Tabletop Plus

LoCI Controls, Inc. is the leading real-time data and control company that increases methane capture and reduces emissions from landfills. Founded in 2013 by MIT graduates, the company combines on-site measurement and cloud-based software to increase landfill gas collection, while also offering on-site and remote operating support. LoCI's systems are installed on landfill projects across the United States and covered by 25 issued U.S. patents, with additional U.S. and international patents pending. For more information, visit

MV Technologies - Tabletop Plus

MV Technologies helps customers achieve compliance and condition biogas for end use. Whether for  agricultural biogas, landfill gas, wastewater or other biogas projects, our proven, high-performance technology provides superior hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal and odor control solutions. As a leading provider of H2S removal systems and media, MV Technologies offers customers cost-effective, long-term solutions that deliver optimized performance and ease-of-use. Learn more about H2S removal at

Perennial Energy - Tabletop Plus

Perennial Energy, LLC is a systems designer, manufacturer, and supplier of landfill and biogas handling, compression, processing, and destruction systems.  PEI’s flares, thermal oxidizers, dehydration systems, compression systems and delivery systems are specifically built to exceed your specific project requirements. For over 30 years, we have “set the pace" for quality systems engineered to meet your project requirements.

PumpOne Environmental, LLC - Tabletop Plus

Since our foundation in 2013, our team of environmental professionals has remained dedicated to providing high-quality products while partnering with our customers to meet their individual needs. We take pride in creating real and sustainable pumping solutions for remediation and landfill needs.

Our goal is to create and support products in a manner that make our customer’s jobs easier. Every PumpOne product is designed and manufactured with quality and job-site efficiency in mind; Pneumatic Leachate Extraction Pumps, Leachate Collection and Control Pumps, Landfill Gas Extraction Wells, LFG Well Seals, and system accessories.

QED Environmental Systems Inc - Tabletop Plus

SCS Engineers’ Remote Monitoring and Control (SCS RMC®) - Tabletop Plus is the cloud-based app for your landfill. We automate your processes and provide you with actionable intelligence so that you can work smarter not harder.

SCS Engineers’ Remote Monitoring and Control (SCS RMC®) group works with our clients to understand their needs and develop appropriate technology solutions to meet those needs. We’re not happy until you’re happy. We’re not here to do one job for you and disappear – we want to prove our value to you day in and day out and develop a long-lasting and trusted relationship through this. Please reach out to us to let us prove this to you. Visit

Skagen Energy Services - Tabletop Plus

Skagen Energy Services generates clean water vapor from contaminated wastewater. By doing this at the point of wastewater creation, our customers save the expense and risk associated with water hauling and remote disposal. Using proprietary technology, these units are proven to meet or exceed regulatory requirements without generating new hazardous waste streams. Skagen provides a front-to-back service, including access to proprietary evaporation technology, operations, maintenance, and chemicals. Visit

SLR International Corporation - Tabletop Plus

SLR is a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions: helping clients achieve their sustainability goals through high quality services. We provide an opportunity for great, experienced people to partner with great clients on multi-disciplinary environmental challenges in a collaborative, equal, and entrepreneurial 'One Team' culture.” 

Sniffer Robotics - Tabletop Plus

Sniffer Robotics is a leading environmental technology enabled services firm serving waste, natural gas, biogas, and related industries. Sniffer's technologies and services improve emission detection and measurement, odor leak identification, and revenue generation from increased gas capture for conversion to energy. To date, Sniffer has completed projects in 28 states on 150+ sites, identifying 16,500+ methane leak sources for remediation. Improving operations and our environment, Sniffer provides aerial (drone-based) and field services, automation tools, and comprehensive software analytics and reporting solutions. Visit

Thermal Instrument Company - Tabletop Plus

Thermal Instrument Company (TIC), established in 1959, headquartered in Trevose, Pennsylvania, provides instrumentation solutions for measuring the mass flow rate of gases and liquids.Our flow measurement instruments have been employed worldwide to measure: Landfill Gas, Bio-Gas, Hydro Carbon Mixtures, Natural Gas, and Clean gases in industrial applications for both environmental compliance and process efficiency.TIC offers a full line of thermal mass flow meters and flow switches with unique design features such as: Unobstructed flow path, Teflon Coated Sensor Areas, Single Piece Construction, and  Redundant Sensors. To see all that Thermal Instrument has to offer visit our website at

TRI/Environmental Inc- Tabletop Plus

TRI/Environmental, Inc. (TRI) is a full service, independent, global materials testing and research company with four service centers in the United States.  TRI performs testing services for a wide range of materials including geosynthetics, plastic pipe, soils, aggregates, rock, metals, concrete, erosion control materials and polymers. TRI also serves as a third-party research, sampling, and manufacturing auditing firm supporting quality assurance and material verification in support of critical materials procurement projects.  TRI also provides electrical leak location (ELL) and materials consulting services throughout the world.  TRI is unaffiliated with any manufacturer or engineering firm, and thus provides non-competitive services to government, regulators, manufacturers, engineering firms, contractors, and installers. TRI is accredited by GAI-LAP and ISO 17025, and is an official provider of testing services to NTPEP, USACE, AASHTO, and other government and regulatory agencies. 

The Water and Carbon Group - Tabletop Plus

The Water and Carbon Group’s foam fractionation LEEF System® for removing PFAS down to below detect limits from raw, untreated leachate has been proven via 1) the world’s first system (operating successfully since 2022), and 2) through rigorous testing (by US partner Leachate Management Specialists) of over 15 complex leachate streams in the US, including RO reject, solidifying LEEF as top of its class. Clients’ words, not ours, “I’ve seen multiple foam frac systems, and yours is less complicated, easier to operate, and more stable. You have a better mousetrap.” Call us. We can help.

U.S. Water Industrial Group - Tabletop Plus

Established in 2003, U.S. Water is employee-owned and renowned for delivering high-quality wastewater operations & maintenance services, ensuring compliance, prioritizing safety, and providing innovative solutions to operational challenges. Our Industrial Group specializes in industrial treatment processes and possesses expertise in the full range of treatment technologies used in the landfill leachate treatment industry. Visit our website to learn more: 

Waga Energy - Tabletop Plus

Waga Energy is an innovative Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) producer specializing in landfill gas upgrading, with a global presence and proprietary technology. The WAGABOX® is a landfill gas upgrading unit that delivers grid compliant RNG, regardless of the quality of the raw biogas. The RNG produced by the WAGABOX® can be injected directly into the gas grid or used as fuel for vehicles. Waga Energy builds, owns, and operates the WAGABOX® units under long-term contracts with no investment required from the landfill owners. The RNG generated is sold and the revenue is shared with the landfill owners.

WSP USA - Tabletop Plus

With the addition of Golder, Earthcon and Wood Environment & Infrastructure to the WSP family, we have become the leading global provider of engineering, remediation, regulatory and compliance, design and environmental services on projects that span all seven continents. This includes expansion of our waste capabilities such as waste planning, zero waste, recycling and waste tire management, waste characterization, waste audits, and circular economy. Come visit us at TT #31.

Afitex-Texel Geosynthetitics Inc - Tabletop

Apis Innovation, Inc. - Tabletop

Dynatec Systems, Inc - Tabletop

Ecotec - Tabletop

Elkins Earthworks, LLC

Geotechnics, Inc. - Tabletop

GHGSAT - Tabletop

Jeneer Group - Tabletop

Sennebogen, LLC - Tabletop

Skaps Industries - Tabletop

VecoPlan LLC - Tabletop

Wind Defender, LLC - Tabletop